About Us


Mission Venture Capital Pte Ltd is a privately-owned company that invests in technology companies exhibiting accelerated growth. We understand how difficult it is to obtain investments from large Venture Capitalists (VC) or assistance from the government, especially when most of these institutions do not spend the time or have the patience to go through your proposal in detail. Some would not even bother to respond, and most of them are unable to spot future technologies that can change the existing market landscape. Having progressed from a startup company to a listed company within five years, we have the experience and ability to help companies soar to greater heights.


Established in January 2016, we focus on investing in companies with interesting and innovative ideas and technologies. Unlike many VCs that take advantage of startup companies by investing small but expecting huge returns without helping the company to grow in terms of business and stature, Mission VC guides companies in the right direction. We aim to help you achieve better valuation within the shortest possible time, along with an exit plan (normally via an IPO) on a win-win basis.


So let us hear your story! Please fill in your details through the form on our Contact Us page here.